Award Blues

Jean Dujardin collecting his award

Here’s to Michel Hazanavicius and Jean Dujardin for trouncing the opposition at several awards ceremonies!  Those of us who know better, of course, appreciate that Monsieur Dujardin has done little more than capitalize on his self-adoring persona from the OSS films, and his director buddy has permitted himself to go a bit more ‘high art’ than those parodic trifles allowed (though the Hitchcock homage at the end of Lost in Rio was already a step in that direction).  Not to put the dampeners on things unduly – after all it is a great performance, requiring a range of moods plus the ability to resurrect a silent acting style – but isn’t it a little irksome that the same folk get rewarded three times over for their efforts (counting the Golden Globes)?  What about poor old Gary who deserved something, surely, for Tinker Tailor?

A final thought: could it be that the Academy voters, having finally deigned to watch a French film since they do not have to read any subtitles, have cottoned onto the fact that these Frenchies not only know how to make movies but can act (and dance)?