Whatever happened to Rita Gam…?

…the actress who came from TV and returned to TV, made a sizzling debut in The Thief (1952, pictured) opposite Ray Milland, appeared in costume epics such as Hannibal and Sign of the Pagan, and then disappeared from sight.  She had an earthy sexual magnetism on screen that was perhaps ahead of its time, like Cyd Charisse with a dose of Sharon Stone added in.  Hollywood in the 50s could cope with the statuesque and pneumatic, as long as there was a touch of the grotesque about it (e.g. Jane Russell in The French Line), or as long as it didn’t reek of sex, which this shot certainly does.  Even more sadly, there are few of Miss Gam’s films available for home viewing.  She was a good actress, too, witness her performance as Herodias in King of Kings (1961).