Notre Histoire (1984)

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Director: Bertrand Blier
Cast: Alain Delon, Nathalie Baye, Michel Galabru


Various characters tell stories which may not be true ('C'est l'histoire de...') and indeed the whole thing turns out to be a dream.

The Review

Actually more than one possible story, as Blier dovetails various outcomes from an initial situation. This is further evidence of the writer-director's fondness for Buñuel, only the play between reality and fiction is at its more self-conscious here and the ending, which reveals the true roles of the actors in the story, does not pay off as it does in Deville's Le Paltoquet; in that film the effect had been Brechtian detachment all along, the close a satisfying solution to a puzzle, whereas here all depends on the performers' ability to strike the write note (Delon affects us too little, though he does try, Baye too much).