Kamikaze (1986)

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Director: Didier Grousset
Cast: Richard Bohringer, Michel Galabru, Dominique Lavanant


A deranged viewer builds a weapon in his own home capable of blasting apart news presenters live on television, and an unfortunate police officer is commissioned to track him down before he despatches too many more.

The Review

You would think the authorities would simply cease live broadcasting… The film was clearly meant as a critique of the blandness of television but it all seems a bit too much time and trouble for the points it makes, at the same time clearly relishing the gory spectacle of each successive 'hit' in a manner at variance with its stance on the dehumanising effects of TV. The title derives from the Galabru character's last stand, when he dons the kamikaze headband and resolves to obliterate himself simultaneously with one last anchor woman! Luc Besson produced and there is evidence of style and flair here.