U Turn (1997)

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Director: Oliver Stone
Cast: Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Lopez, Powers Boothe, Claire Danes, Joaquin Phoenix, Billy Bob Thornton, Jon Voight, Julie Haggerty, Bo Hopkins, Liv Tyler, Laurie Metcalf


On the way to paying off a debt to a ruthless gangland heavy, an all-time loser lands in a middle-of-nowhere Arizona town with a burst radiator hose and rapidly falls foul of just about everyone he meets.

The Review

One of those film noir homages which just about warrants some attention through its almost manic concentration on the self-interest that traditionally dominates the genre. Here there are no winners; everyone falls foul of lust or greed - except for the crooked garage mechanic, that is. On an editing level it is comparatively restrained for this director, with only a few of his wanton changes of perspective and shock cuts. Unfortunately it is not his most compelling work to date.