Whispering Corridors (1998)

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Director: Ki-hyung Park
Cast: Se-yeon Choi, Gyu-ri Kim, Yu-seok Kim


Pupils at a girls' college are menaced and abused by their teachers, who are in turn bumped off by an avenging ghost. Her former friend, now a teacher, manages to break the circle of hate. Or does she?

The Review

The young ladies are exquisitely photographed, subjected to eye-popping breaches of professional conduct, at least by western standards, and permitted to wander unsupervised around the school for surprisingly frequent periods of after hours recreation. That said, the film is quiet and deliberate and avoids the excesses of a Halloween film, which it resembles only superficially; its closest relation is the Japanese ghost story, with which it bears comparison. Doubtless insufficient in scares for aficionados, and it fails adequately to delineate the boundary between actual and perceived destruction, the aftermath of one brutal murder being conveniently overlooked by staff and pupils. Nevertheless it achieves a frisson or two.