Bombón (El Perro) (2004)

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Director: Carlos Sorín
Cast: Juan Villegas, Walter Donado


An out-of-work petrol station employee hand crafts knives which he tries to sell, lives with his daughter's family and drives around aimlessly. Then a good turn lands him with a fine specimen of fighting dog which he sets about training for shows thanks to a chance contact.

The Review

Deftly acted by non-professionals playing themselves, this is a fascinating look at life down under in Patagonia, far from Buenos Aires, which our protagonist has never seen, and where the distances travelled in a day's drive are considerable. The main character's good intentions and optimism are at times exploited, at others ignored, and the dog gives him a meaning and direction he has lost. The filmmaker seems to be examining Latin American machismo, with this hunting sub-culture and dog with a libido block. Then there is the character Walter's drunken behaviour which only gets him into trouble, not to mention his bravado.