A Bay of Blood (1971)

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Director: Mario Bava
Cast: Claudine Auger, Luigi Pistilli, Claudio Camaso, Laura Betti


Assorted unscrupulous individuals converge on a supposedly picturesque bay, that the resident countess refuses to sell over for commercial exploitation, and a bloodbath ensues.

The Review

…and exploitation of a different kidney, if you'll forgive the anatomical image, rather close to home. We have to take the desirability of this location on trust, as most of the action takes place at dusk, but it has to be one of the least prepossessing locations before, well, The Last House on the Left. This is archetypal seventies schlock, praised beyond its merit by dint of the imaginatively grisly deaths meted out to the entire cast, some staged as the culmination of suspense sequences, others given shock cuts. There are too many zoom-to-out-of-focus-and-back-again transitions, and the acting is dire. The somewhat over-determined, lip-smackingly staged mayhem will raise a smile for the hardened addict of this sort of thing, and it is said to have inspired Friday the 13th, reason, if no other existed, for its consignment to the trashcan.