False Trail (2011)

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Director: Kjell Sundvall
Cast: Rolf Lassgård, Peter Stormare, Annika Nordin


A missing persons case in a remote hunting community far to the north of Stockholm leads to the despatch of a CID man to investigate. He is no stranger to the area, however, and it bears its own uncomfortable memories, along with the presence of his nephew, now the stepson of one of the chief local police officers, who seems already to have made up his mind about the guilty party.

The Review

The sequel to 1996's The Hunters sees our stoical investigator (TV's Wallander) arrive in a Bad Day at Black Rock sort of situation and the crime scene is pretty soon a mess of rearranged and misplaced evidence. The story ducks and dives as he gradually closes in on his prey (the paraphernalia and practice of hunting are fully interwoven amongst the action, to a grisly extent), but the film's length is ultimately enervating, even though the film-making is never less than impressive.