Child's Pose (2013)

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Director: Calin Peter Netzer
Cast: Luminita Gheorghiu, Bogdan Dumitrache, Ilinca Goia


When her spineless, negligent son kills a child with his car, his possessive and well-connected mother springs into action. Hoping to regain her hold over him, she only makes their estrangement more decisive and defers the moment where he takes responsibility for his actions.

The Review

This impressive one-woman show is a tour de force of screen acting, and has in common with much of the new Romanian cinema a talent for dissecting social strata and attitudes without being overly didactic. The wide-screen dogme style panning to catch characters' words and reactions can be distracting, but is a deliberate ploy, as some scenes, such as the one with the witness, are more classically arranged. What is harder to forgive is the decision to end the film mid-sentence, a trait the film has in common with other contemporary or near-contemporary works, such as The Death of Mr Lazarescu and Katalin Varga.