Disorder (2015)

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Director: Alice Winocour
Cast: Matthias Schoenaerts, Diane Kruger


A traumatized soldier on leave from Afghanistan works part-time as a security guard. While he is on duty at the home of a wealthy financier, his hypersensitivity alerts him to shady dealings between his host and some of the guests, an asset when he is retained as babysitter for the family while the husband is away.

The Review

Effective slow-burn thriller, with a smouldering, coiled performance from Schoenaerts, and a cramped mise-en-scène that emphasizes his perspective and makes the eventual irruptions of violence all the more visceral. Sound and music are also used imaginatively, and this is more than the average 'home siege' scenario, rendered all the more disquieting by the ambiguity of some of the plot elements, for example the role of the police. If one must cavil, one might expect the hero's assailants to come better armed to their mutual head-to-heads, having received their first bloody nose, but this is a minor point.