Bullhead (2011)

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Director: Michaël R. Roskam
Cast: Matthias Schoenaerts, Jeroen Perceval, Jeanne Dandoy, Barbara Sarafian


Condemned since childhood to take hormone supplements, ox-like Jacky finds that his emotional journey's endpoint coincides with the unravelling of a doping racket in the meat industry he supplies.

The Review

Subtly enmeshed as its different plot strands are, Roskam's film, which in many respects resembles a Jacques Audiard work, delivers a powerful climactic punch, helped by Schoenaerts's bovine performance. Steeped in the practice of injecting growth hormones into cattle all his life, he nevertheless reneges on a deal with the criminals who supply him when an investigating police officer winds up dead: our loyalties are thus divided until a flashback puts us more firmly behind our principal character. Still, there are no easy choices in this world, and no heroes either.